The Story

Behind the shadows

It was 1991 when I wrote this fantasy book in a school notebook, I was delighted, but a domestic fire consumed my masterpiece. Years later I refused to write it again, until I managed to engage in an astral projection trance state, on the 6th dimension. You won’t believe what happened to me, and how this series came to live… 

Fantasy Book Cover Mockup



The new draft of the cover designs for the next parts of the series is now available for view. What do you think? 

As I love to give value, so I’ve written in-depth about what led me to pick those special designs for each of the book covers, in detail.  Very few authors, if any, reveal their mindset, and the way they see things, let alone over 3 decades of Authors. 

Midnight Train New Covers
The Trailer
Official Book Video >>

The first official cinematic fantasy book, FHD book trailer for “Enlightened Shadows”. Available here and only on my Rumble account. 

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Readers Testimonials

“Since the Red Shoe Diaries by Zalman King, we haven't witnessed a real erotic fantasy that combines so many elements in harmony like Richard managed to do it here.”
Zalman King JR
“As a one who saw the video trailer produced for the book, I can say that it must. I repeat must be on a series. Pure joy of reading that took me on a trip no drug could take me. A must read!”
Kane Rodrigues
“Wait a minute, hold your horses. Does my name appear on the book? Call me, Ricardo. You and I need to talk. Lucky for you I loved what you did in the Spanish version”
Catalina Otalvaro

Do you want to be a character in the next book?

Read the first book, and tell us what is your fantasy. If we’d like it – You will win a 1 of 2 spots (characters) in the 2nd book. Do we have a deal?

Most people don’t know how to write a good fantasy – So here we are giving you a real challenge. Can you handle this?